Gaining experience

Today I sat my first test in about 2 years. This test was part of an application process for an internship at a news organisation.

This was my first testing process i’ve been through for an internship, usually I give them a call, send in my resume and wait for a reply. But because this was a big organisation, they had to be selective about who could be there intern, which is totally understandable.

I was really nervous, like i’m a performer and really confident and out going person, usually i’m fine, but right before I had to go into the building I had a mini panic attack. I was fine all morning doing my routine. What made it a tad worse was that I had arrived a little early and had to wait, but it was also a good thing, gave me time to gather all my thoughts.

I got to talk to a few of the other people who applied and most were from UTS journalism, but I hadn’t recognised any. What I realised was I was pretty much the only ‘first’ year journalism student, everyone else was 3rd year and up. So I was actually surprised they let me through to the next round – the first round was emailing resume and cover letter.

The testing process was pretty much what I anticipated. Hard. I’m not too confident about the first section, I barely knew anything, which i’m pretty disappointed in myself, but that’s okay, you learn from your mistakes. Second and third parts were slightly more confident.

I must say, it was a fun and rewarding experience, even if I don’t get it, there’s alway next time and i’ll just keep applying until I do get it. It’s such good practice.

If I do get it, and make it to the next round of the application process, then that would be amazing. What an amazing opportunity.

On another note, I found I looked really professional today, sen in flats!



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