2018 – present

  • Journalist at The Canberra Times

2017 – 2018

  • Cadet Journalist at The Canberra Times. 

2014 – 2017

  • Bachelor of Arts in Communications (Journalism). Graduated from the Univeristy of Technology in May 2018.


  • Assistant Chief of Staff and Producer at Seven News. Worked with the chief of staff, producers, EPs, news director, journalist, cameramen and editors to create content for the 6PM news bulletin.
  • Breaking News Reporter at The Sydney Morning Herald. Contributed breaking news, weather stories, colour yarns and crime on the online and breaking news desk
  • Journalism Student Promotional Officer at the University of Technology Sydney. 
  • Rappler Indonesia Intern. Contributing as a multi-media reporter, writing features and news stories, capturing pictures and filming and editing video to file.


  • Digital Content and Social Media Producer at Network TEN News. Freelancer contributing stories to Network TEN News website and managing social media accounts. I was in that position for 8 months.


  • National 2016 Jacoby-Walkley Scholarship finalist. I was one of ten student journalist in the running for the scholarship.
  • Editorial Intern for News Corp’s, Sunday Style. Researched for future features, brainstormed ideas for the mag, social media and updating the Pinterest page, daily admin and transcribing interviews and filing.
  •  Nine News Sydney Intern. Shadowed and assisted the chief of staff, journalists, cameramen and producers on content for the morning,afternoon and nightly bulletins.
  • Seven News Sydney Intern. Worked with cameramen, journalist, chief of staff and producers to gather information, pictures and talent for news packages. From courts to forums and car crashes to weather packages, I experienced the role of a field producer.


  • Editorial Intern at Fairfax Media. Six week editorial internship with Fairfax Media in Sydney – contributing stories and pitching ideas to The Sydney Morning Herald and The Sun-Hearld. Worked closely with the State, Sun-Herald and Picture editors, contributed and wrote more than 30 articles during my time, worked on the breaking news and online desk and completed a rotation in the technology section. I was the SMH ground reporter during PM Malcolm Turnbull’s reshuffle announcement, was on ABC702 radio’s Night Life with Tony Delroy and helped produce video content for online.


  • Digital Content Intern for Network TEN. Producing stories, monitoring, updating and managing social media accounts. Learnt how to use EasyCut, produced and package stories.
  • Student Intern at Network TEN’s, Studio 10. Worked closely with Art director, audience co-ordinator, producers and audience members to get the show running smoothly.
  • News Intern at TEN Eyewitness News. Duties involved working with producers, journalist, cameramen and editors to produce news packages. Shadowed COS and worked with social content producers.
  • News Intern at Seven News Sydney where my stay was extended. Duties involved working closely with producers, journalist and cameramen to help produce news packages. Sent out on my very own stories as a field producer, from court cases in Sutherland to weather packages in Penrith to staying in the heart of the city for AFP and MP’s press conferences.
  • Weekend Production Assistant at C91.3FM.
  • Student Intern at News Corp’s Macarthur Chronicle. Duties involve creating and putting stories and content together for the paper, pitching ideas to the editor, working closely with journalist learning new skills and gaining practical experience.
  • Work experience student/Intern for 2GB radio in Canberra’s Press Gallery. Developed new skills as a journalist by shadowing journalist, conducting doorstop interviews, attending press conferences and familiar with NewsBoss and NewsBoss audio programs. Was able to work on my radio writing skills as well as practice presenting.
  • The Daily Telegraph Contributor. I published an article in the opinion section. “Australia gave us hope and a home” about 40 years since the Vietnam War.


  • Oceania correspondent for The Global Panorama. Duties involve contributing stories regularly.


  • One week work experience at Seven News Sydney. Duties involved keeping up to date with news and research of stories. Attended an Independent commission against corruption (ICAC) hearing. Was given a chance to go out solo to cover football player Reni Maitua alleged assault case and was present for ‘Hey Dad’ star, Robert Huges sentencing.
  • Diploma of Communications in Public Relations.
  • Assistant and social media manager for media personality Sarah Ellen.


  • An extra in the short film “The Boat” for major project
  • Higher School Certificate


  • Certificate III Media Journalism
Directed by Melissa Hang Le Photo by Vezoir
The Boat Directed by Melissa Hang Le
Photo by Vezoir

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