The struggles of being a journalist in a foreign country.

One of the biggest struggles I’ve encountered since working in Indonesia is the language barrier. I did not realise how hard it would be. Back home in Australia, I love conducting my own interviews - meeting the talent face-to-face and having a conversation with them as they tell me their story. Each time I’ve gone... Continue Reading →


Two weeks in Indonesia

If you asked me six months ago what I'd be doing with my life now, living in Jakarta was not on the agenda. I've been in Indonesia for just two weeks and have fallen in love with the people, culture, place and food. This was not something I was expecting to feel when I applied for the... Continue Reading →

Just going to go with the flow

The last few weeks for me has been one of the most rewarding and challenging times in my life so far. On Wednesday night, it was the Walkley mid year awards event, I was one of ten national finalist for the Jacoby-Walkley scholarship and it was my first ever journalism and awards event, so it was... Continue Reading →

A life update

What a day - actually scratch that, what a week it has been. This week was my final week of university for the semester. It was a pretty busy and full on week for me and I started to feel overwhelmed with everything going on, but now that the week is over, I can sit... Continue Reading →

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