A life update

What a day - actually scratch that, what a week it has been. This week was my final week of university for the semester. It was a pretty busy and full on week for me and I started to feel overwhelmed with everything going on, but now that the week is over, I can sit... Continue Reading →


Week two and I already feel behind

Last week was my first week back at university and being a student again.Β It feels like ages since I last studied and had to do a reading for a class. I'm going to be honest, it's second week and I already feel behind. I think it's a combination of the new 'trimester' system UTS has... Continue Reading →

Busy as a bee

I feel like I've let some people down lately. You can never really win, there's always someone who isn't going to be happy with your decision to do or not do something. For those who know me, I love graining experience and finding ways to improve and develop my skills. A few months ago, I... Continue Reading →

What the period?

Okay, so i've had my period since I was 10 years old, but I swear, after 9 years, it doesn't get easier. I absolutely hate getting my period. Always feeling so uncomfortable and freaking out about finding blood stained on your clothing. Having to constantly go to the bathroom, even when you don't need to... Continue Reading →

“16 year old Pole Dancer”

I love meeting new people and having conversations with complete strangers. It's actually so great.Β I'm not the type of girl who'd get all awkward and uncomfortable when a random talks to me. I actually really enjoy it, a different perceptive, meeting new and interesting people. The reason i'm always willing to talk is because you... Continue Reading →


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