A life update

What a day – actually scratch that, what a week it has been.

This week was my final week of university for the semester. It was a pretty busy and full on week for me and I started to feel overwhelmed with everything going on, but now that the week is over, I can sit back and write this blog post.

It started out with a very chilled Monday where I planned to finish off my 2500 word assignment due the following day and start the other assignment due on Friday. I managed to finish off the first assignment, sort out the rest of my week and start my second assignment. I also put the final touches to my presentation for my talk at my old high school on Tuesday.

I had a 9am start on Tuesday, so I was out of the house by eight o’clock making my way to my old high school, St Ursula’s College Kingsgrove where I would present two presentations for year 11 students during their ‘Empower’ classes. It was so great to catch up and see all of my teachers, thankfully they all remembered me and they seriously have not changed one bit! It was a bit strange going back to school and seeing everything had changed. Many of the buildings had been knocked down and rebuilt so I must admit I was a little lost. Both groups I spoke to were very nice and interactive, I felt really nervous coming back to talk to them – like there was some sort of pressure because I was an ex-student. As a thank you, the school gave me wine glasses, a bottle of wine and coasters with the school emblem on it, it was really nice of them to do so. I look forward to coming back at the end of the year to speak to year 10 students about their subject selections.

After the presentation I made my way to the city to listen to The Today Show and Huffington Post‘s Lisa Wilkinson talk about the art of storytelling, as an added bonus her husband, Peter FitzSimons was there to speak as well. In my spare time, or when I can I like to go to events like this to learn more about journalism – I’m always looking at ways to improve my skills as a journalist. Both speakers were so inspirational and great to listen to, I’m glad I went.

On Wednesday I had an interview with UTS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences to be the Journalism SPROUTS (Student Promotional Officers of UTS)…you are looking at the new journalism representative for UTS! Looking forward to inspiring and encouraging younger students to study at UTS. Part of my role will be running journalism workshops schools, so in two weeks I will have two workshops on all things journalism to run – I look forward to that. I went to my tutorial after that, it was really cute because our tutor bought in carrot cake, a student bought in tea with hot water and milk and I bought in chocolate. It was a small class, but very cute. The plan was to work on our assignments that was due Friday, but we ended up chatting away and bonding.

By Thursday most of my commitments were over, I had a few errands to run in the morning (I felt like an actual adult) and then headed to my journalism lecture where we listened to a journalist from the ABC, who was also a UTS alumni. I wasn’t planning on attending because I didn’t have anything left to do for that subject and I wanted to work on my final assignment, but I’m glad I did. During the two hour break between the lecture and tutorial I ended up working on my assignment for a bit and went for a chocolate fix with a friend. Our tutorial normally runs for two hours, but within 45 minutes we were dismissed.

Now, I know I should have used that extra time wisely and finish off my assignment that was due today (Friday) 5pm but I was not motivated enough and was very distracted by online shopping. So I ended up having 500+ words left of my 2000 word essay to do.

This morning I bought my laptop to my internship with Sunday Style and finished off my assignment in between transcribing and Pinterest posts and during my lunch break. This week was my third week with them, but to anyones surprise, it was also my final day with them. I was offered something that I couldn’t refuse, which meant I had to part ways with NewsCorp. When I applied for this internship, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

I love hard news, politics and chasing people out of court, this internship was completely different. It was focused on fashion, celebrity and feature stories and thing I wasn’t used to – but boy was I wrong. I really enjoyed my time there, even though it was so sort. I was constantly kept busy, transcribing and doing bits and pieces to help the editorial team and everyone was so nice and friendly. I had this stigma that working in a magazine environment, everyone would be so bitchy and snobby, but interning with Sunday Style was nothing like that.

Thank you so much to the Sunday Style team for having me, you were all so nice to me and willing to show me things and share cake with me! It was a short but very sweet ride and I look forward to hopefully bumping into the team again soon.

What now for me you may ask? Well, I’m off on a new adventure starting next week. I’m very excited and nervous at the same time, but looking forward to a change.

You’ll have to tune back here to find out what I’m up to!

The not-so-glamorous life of Han Nguyen

A lot of people assume I have a very glamorous life because I’m (sorta) in the media industry, and sure they’re right but it’s only a small part of the crazy world which I love.

I’ve had some shocking moments and my career has only just started. So I thought I’d share a few of my embarrassing Han moments with you all!

  1. Once I had an interview with a well known online news organisation and I was running a little late for it (I made the interview on time…it was cause I was slightly disorganised in the morning). It was winter time so I was wearing layers of clothes and was speed walking to the building, when I got into the building it was heated. So during my interview I was sweating…like a lot. The interviewer was asking me questions, and while I was answering I was taking all the layers of clothes off, draining my bottle and wiping the sweat off my face. The interviewer offered me tissues to wipe my sweat and offered me a glass of water in-between asking me questions about the job. Sadly, I didn’t get the job but it was a wonderfully embarrassing lesson!
  2. Last year I interned in Canberra’s Press Gallery and it was one of the best experiences I’ve had. A moment – which I’ve tried to forget but can’t because it was that embarrassing –  I had was when I was walking/running to a press conference and tripped on the flat surface of Parliament House in front of 10-15 journalist and cameramen and a couple of politicians. This resulted in three security guards running to my aid asking if I was alright and helping me up while I was bright red and laughing. Note to self – don’t try to run in heels…you’re clumsy.
  3. I’m not a very emotional person so it takes a lot for me to cry. Earlier this year I was put on the late shift so I didn’t have to come in until 2pm. I wasn’t feeling 100% in the morning but went into work anyways. I went and sat at my desk and started to work on the things I needed to do, but I felt worse sitting there. Around 45 minutes later the editor comes looking for me, I can’t remember why, I think it was to talk about a story I had just written. I don’t know what happened, but when he came over and sat next to me I just started to cry..not just little tears. But what a legend he was! I was trying to explain to him how sick I felt and he wasn’t turned away by the fact a teenager girl was crying in front of him. He  sat there and talked to me, told me to go home but I refused cause I wanted to finish the story I was working on so he told me to take a walk and then make a decision on if I wanted to stay or not. He was really sympathetic and caring! So great. I went for a walk and ended up going home early. Lesson learnt: Don’t overwork yourself otherwise you’ll get sick
  4. Do you know what’s really bad? When you incorrectly name editors. I have incorrectly named two editors that I can remember, one was when I was talking to my editor who I just met and I called him Daniel (which in my defence is pretty close to his name, okay not really), I didn’t realise my mistake until he emailed me something. Boy was that awkward! The other time I emailed an editor I’ve never met and called him Chris instead of Craig…lets just say I never received a response. Lesson learnt, names are very important!

Those are just a few embarrassing moments in my life. It can be glamorous, but in my case, cause I’m the clummiset person ever…it’s a little more complicated! It’s am amazing life and I can’t wait to see what I get up to in the future. But here’s to more clumsy moments! Because I learn so much from my mistakes and mishaps.


When one door closes, another opens

Hi everyone, before I start my post, I’d just like to say thanks for visiting my little corner of the web and following my ups and downs as a student journalist.

If you’ve been following my blog, you’d know I went for a job interview last Monday. I can now tell you I didn’t get it. But i’m okay with it, the position I applied for was the 5 week internship with SMH/FairFax. I kind of suspected I wouldn’t get it, the other two who were at the interview are in their final year of uni and have so much more experience than I do. The person that did get it, was well deserved. I’m happy he got it.

Anyways, guess what? I’m going to be living in Canberra for a whole week by myself. This is going to be the first time i’m living by myself and I’m so excited. If you read a few weeks ago, I was in Canberra for a university assessment, and I really enjoyed. When I got back to Sydney, I did a little searching and emailed a few enquiries.

To my surprise I received an email and I am happy to say, I will be interning with Canberra’s press gallery for 2GB. I am supper excited, I can not wait to gain practical experience where all the action is at. Apparently that week is going to be super busy, which I love, I love being busy!

The week before that I will be completing an internship with my local paper. So this is exciting and very good times for a student journalist like myself.

I have been so lucky to have met amazing people who have helped me out on my journey to become a journalist. My mentor is always encouraging me to apply for an position that I can. After all, once you get your foot in the door, it’s moving up from there.

Very excited and I will (hopefully) be doing a daily blog about my intern life. x

“16 year old Pole Dancer”

I love meeting new people and having conversations with complete strangers. It’s actually so great. I’m not the type of girl who’d get all awkward and uncomfortable when a random talks to me. I actually really enjoy it, a different perceptive, meeting new and interesting people.

The reason i’m always willing to talk is because you never know who the person is, and you can’t judge them without getting to know them first. Also you never know, this person may play an important role in your life.

Today I had a really interesting experience. I had lunch with two of my friends in a Thai restaurant in central. It was so great to catch up with them, it had been so long. We were seated and had ordered our food and drinks.

Like any normal catch up we’d talk about what we had missed out on and all that we’ve done. As we were talking a group of 4 four men in their i’d say 30’s came and were seated next to us. The moment they came in I had this weird feeling about one of them. In this case we will call him Mr X.

As we were eating Mr X kept looking over at our table every now and then. It was so obvious, but – this is going to sound stuck up – i’m usually in the position where people do that. He finally spoke and asked what I was drinking, I said, coconut juice and he said if it was alcoholic and I said “Oh gosh no, I have class afterwards” he laughed and said something on the lines of “I thought so, you look very young to be drinking. You could be 16.”

I of course was pretty flattered, but I told him I was actually 19. We went back to or catching up and I started to talk about my plans to take voice lessons because “I sound like a teenager” that when he said, yes a 16 years old.

He then asked me what I was studying, where I said “What does it look like i’m studying” i missed  what he said because one of the other men guessed marketing. When I told them I was a communications major, Journalism he said his guess was close. I kid you not, he said the following to me.

“See I was close, I said pole dancer.”

I laughed it off and didn’t really take notice of it. He pretty much ignored my friend who was sitting between me and him and just talked to me and asked me questions and he constantly winked at me.

Mind you, my clothing was not anything inappropriate. Trust me, I was wearing pants and a long white top, like in the following image:

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 6.21.07 pm

To be honest, I don’t take notice of these things and I really didn’t care about what he said. It wasn’t until afterwards when my friend brought it up and how disgusted she was with the interaction.

Once again this is going to sound stuck up, but i’ve been in situations like this a lot, especially with older men. I think they see me as an easy target. But what they don’t know is that i’m an overlay confident person who is trained in martial arts for nine years and my ability to scream is pretty amazing.

Whenever men suggest anything sexual or inappropriate to me I will brush it off and change the topic. I think i’ve been so used to receiving stuff like that, I couldn’t care less. But when my friend brought it up, it made me think about all the times this has happened.

So that was my lunch today x