The not-so-glamorous life of Han Nguyen

A lot of people assume I have a very glamorous life because I'm (sorta) in the media industry, and sure they're right but it's only a small part of the crazy world which I love. I've had some shocking moments and my career has only just started. So I thought I'd share a few of... Continue Reading →


Enough with the boy problems

I like to think i'm a really approachable person and easy to talk and get along with. Like i've said many times before, I love meeting new people. But what i've noticed recently is that a lot of people talk about their problems with me, don't get me wrong, i'm really honoured you feel comfortable... Continue Reading →

Life’s a Challenge

Last Friday I received an email about the internship I applied for. If you read my earlier post, you would know how surprised I was when I read the email which invited me to go to an interview. I was being honest when I thought I failed the test. The first current affairs test was... Continue Reading →

What’s happening?

When I was in high school at lot of people thought i'd be the first one to get married in the grade. Β Like I know that sounds pretty ridiculous, but even I thought I would. We used to play that game where we'd ask who we thought was going to get married first, who'd become... Continue Reading →

Milking our way through Kiama

NOTE: you might not understand my heading, but if you keep reading you'll get it The things I do to get a story! Yesterday a friend and I travelled down to Kiama on a 2 and a half hour train ride not knowing what to expect. We had been allocated a suburb to write a... Continue Reading →

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