The not-so-glamorous life of Han Nguyen

A lot of people assume I have a very glamorous life because I'm (sorta) in the media industry, and sure they're right but it's only a small part of the crazy world which I love. I've had some shocking moments and my career has only just started. So I thought I'd share a few of... Continue Reading →


Enough with the boy problems

I like to think i'm a really approachable person and easy to talk and get along with. Like i've said many times before, I love meeting new people. But what i've noticed recently is that a lot of people talk about their problems with me, don't get me wrong, i'm really honoured you feel comfortable... Continue Reading →

Life’s a Challenge

Last Friday I received an email about the internship I applied for. If you read my earlier post, you would know how surprised I was when I read the email which invited me to go to an interview. I was being honest when I thought I failed the test. The first current affairs test was... Continue Reading →


What’s happening?

When I was in high school at lot of people thought i'd be the first one to get married in the grade. Β Like I know that sounds pretty ridiculous, but even I thought I would. We used to play that game where we'd ask who we thought was going to get married first, who'd become... Continue Reading →


Milking our way through Kiama

NOTE: you might not understand my heading, but if you keep reading you'll get it The things I do to get a story! Yesterday a friend and I travelled down to Kiama on a 2 and a half hour train ride not knowing what to expect. We had been allocated a suburb to write a... Continue Reading →


Find a mentor and watch them: Joe Hildebrand

Each Wednesday at UTS we're lucky to have people who work in the industry come in and talk to us. This is called the afternoon session. Our guest speaker for the afternoon was Joe Hildebrand. So far I think he has been the most useful to listen to. He gave really good advice and tips... Continue Reading →


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