Just going to go with the flow

The last few weeks for me has been one of the most rewarding and challenging times in my life so far.

On Wednesday night, it was the Walkley mid year awards event, I was one of ten national finalist for the Jacoby-Walkley scholarship and it was my first ever journalism and awards event, so it was pretty exciting and nerve-racking. For those who don’t know, a Walkley award is a pretty big deal in journalism, so of course, I really wanted this. But, I did miss out and am so happy for Taylor, who also studies at UTS on winning the scholarship. Could not think of a more worthy recipient!

Walkley’s 2016 Mid-Year Event

While I was at the event, I realised how young I was. I know it may sound pretty stupid, but sometimes I forget I’m only 20. Standing in that room, surrounded by the best in the business and young incredible journalist made me feel so grateful and lucky for everything that I’ve accomplished.

I’ve interned at all commercial television networks, been published in both leading newspapers, was a national finalist and currently working as a freelancer – I get paid to do what I love…all this and I’m only 20.

I’ve been concentrating so hard on my career and work life that I’ve somehow forgotten how to be young. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still my childish self and LOVE 1D and 5SOS. But I think I need to relax a bit and enjoy this time.

The last few weeks working full-time has taught me so much. I’ve spent my Sundays ironing clothes and preparing food for the week to come, Saturdays have been booked out my appointments and adult things. It’s been emotionally, physically and mentally challenging, but one of the best learning periods. Is it weird to say that I think I’m growing up too fast?

One of the hot topics which likes to be discussed is my relationship status and how I’ve apparently been ‘single for far too long’. Why do I need to rush into things? Yes, there was a time where I would have put boys before my education, but not anymore. Why must I put my career on hold and go out searching for a guy? If someone was really into me, I’d like to think we could both do our own thing, but are constantly there for each other and once we’re ready things will happen. Why can’t we just let things happen?

Even though I think I may be growing up to fast, I love what I’m doing and where my life is going. So if it’s okay with you, I’m going to stick with being single and enjoy life.

On a different note, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone – family, friends, mum, dad and sister for your ongoing love and support – I really appreciate it! Thank you to the wonderful Rebecca for being my hot date at the event, you are an incredible person, thanks for looking after me!



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