Shocked, disgusted and appalled, only some of the feelings I had.

There was an incident yesterday that keeps returning to my mind. Yesterday was my 20th birthday, and to celebrate a group of my girlfriends and I decided to head to Opera Bar for drinks and nibbles.

We caught the train in and walked from Circular Quay station. I must admit, my outfit choice was a little OTT – but why should it not be? It’s my birthday and pretty much the one time of the year where I get all dressed up. As we were walking, there were a few heads that turned our way from all sorts of people. Understandable, like I said OTT outfit.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see a man approaching me from the left. This man looked like he was the age of my father, he was a well dressed 50-something year old white male. He came up and said something to me, which I don’t remember the exact words. He proceeded to ask me why I was all dressed up, I told him it was my birthday and I was heading out for drinks with friends. He said “oh wow, congratulations on your birthday, here have a birthday kiss.”

He grabbed my hand and pulled me in for a kiss. I pushed away and turned my head, so he planted a kiss on my cheek, whispered in my ear “I love your breast” and walked away.

I was in shock, disgusted and appalled. My sister and friends were in shock that some man had approached me and kissed me. When I told them about what he whispered that caused anger.

It was one of the worst experience I’ve had, I’ve had incidences where I’d get a honk and whistle here and there, but never like that. I’m fed up at how people think”I love your breast” or anything else inappropriate is some sort of compliment. F-off.

Think about what you say or do before it happens, because let me ask you this. Would you like it if your sister, daughter or niece had the same experience?


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