Fresh off the boat

I’m back – Tanned, refreshed and ready to get back into it.

For those who know me, I’ve been working/interning/studying constantly for the last year and haven’t really had a proper break. When I found out my family booked a two week cruise around the South Pacific I wasn’t impressed. I really didn’t want to go away, I wanted to stay back and continue what I was doing because I’m enjoying where my life is at.

But I’m glad we went away, it gave me time to think, reflect and relax – the tan was a total bonus.

I figured out that I’m really obsessed with working and extremely nosy. On the second day of the cruise, we had to turn back closer to land for a helicopter because of a ‘medical emergency’. I didn’t realise how nosy I was until my sister got really annoyed at me for asking so many people questions and was constantly distracted by what was happening. My sister actually got pissed off and didn’t talk to me for the rest of the day…oops.

But for the rest of the 12 night cruise I became more relaxed and really enjoyed myself. Had time to read and finish a book (I don’t remember the last time I picked up a book), caught up on a lot of sleeping, ate plenty of food (I put on 1.4kg) and did a lot of swimming.

A magical moment was when I was snorkelling in Lifou, New Caledonia, my sister and I went out a little further than everyone else and as we were swimming out of the corner of my eye I could see a turtle. My sister of course freaked out and screamed “omg there’s a turtle” alerting everyone else to the location. But a little later I went out on my own and found the turtle again, so magical just to swim along with it for 10 or so minutes. What a magical creature.

For the first time I got sea sick, it was on the second last day of the cruise as we were heading back home. Sydney was experiencing severe weather so the water was a little choppy. I must have eaten something that upset my tummy because at 1:30am I found myself sitting on the toilet seat sweating and feeling really uncomfortable. As I was sitting there the motion of the boat was not helping, I ended up vomiting at the same time as sitting on the toilet letting the other end clear out.

I highly recommend Royal Caribbean to anyone planning on cruising. We’ve traveled with them twice and they constantly offer great service, quality food, lots of facilities and actives and you really do have a wonderful time.

Happy cruising!



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