Sometimes things need to be incredibly bad before it’s all good

Time sure does fly by fast when you’re having fun. Last year went by incredibly quick. I feel like I’ve grown and matured into a young lady who finally figured out what she wants.

During my high school years I was extremely lazy with my studies. I always left my assignments to the last minute – and I mean very very last minute, I was more focused on having fun, my appearance and  boys, I know such a teenage girl thing to do.

I’ve known I’ve wanted to be a journalist since I was in year 9. Everyone used to say I had the personality for TV and the voice to get a crowds attention, so during that time I thought it would be easy and everything would just fall into place – god was I wrong.

When I got my HSC marks back, it seriously felt like my world was crumbling to pieces. I didn’t get the marks for my desired course, all my friends did incredibly well and I literally sat in my room trying to figure out what to do with my life.

I’m so glad I did horribly, it was a real wake up call. It pushed and motivated me to work hard for what I wanted and to work to my full potential – which really, I didn’t know what it was until recently.

The year after high school I sorted my life out. I really didn’t want my parents to be disappointed in me again – that took a lot of work. I aimed to practice  and improve my writing and complete courses that were relevant to what I wanted to do. I stopped worrying about what I looked like and what people thought of me – don’t get me wrong, first impressions are important, but what I mean here is I used to be so self conscious and kept thinking I was fat (which I’ve never been). I learnt to network and found my first internship.

When 2015 came along I was all set, once you get your foot in the door with one internship, the rest come so easily. Last year I interned at Seven News, Ten News, Studio 10, Macarthur Chronicle, 2GB in Canberra’s Press Gallery and C91.3FM radio station – currently interning for Fairfax/SMH. I’m more confident in myself and I learnt so much about myself.

When I was first published in the Daily Telegraph in June last year, I don’t think I’ve ever seen my parents so proud of me before. I’m not the stereotypical daughter that asian parents want. I’m the complete opposite actually, my sister on the other hand, she’s smart and the dream kid. So when I heard my parents bought two newspapers each, one to keep and the other to show to their friends at work, I cried. I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud of myself and so happy. Mum even framed my story.

I’ve learnt a lot in a year, and I’ve had so much fun discovering myself and how I work. I’ve met some amazing people and I’m just so grateful at how lucky I’ve been.

So, for all those trying to work out who they are, you’ve got time. It took me a good year to set my life up, and it’s so worth it.


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