It’s not really goodbye!

For the past six months I have been interning with Network TENs morning show, Studio 10 and on Friday it was time to say goodbye.

What an internship. The internship at Studio 10 isn’t really a journalism one. A lot of the work that interns do is more production type things, but I wasn’t going to knock back such a rewarding internship just because it wasn’t journalism related, cause in some ways it was as well.

I have learnt so much about myself during my time there. I’ve learnt I’m terrible with stress, but as time went on I learnt how to control and maintain my stress levels – which I’m very proud of. I was overwhelmed a lot of the time towards the end of my internship, I was given a lot more responsibilities and whenever the audience co-ordinator/my boss was away, I had to take over his role. It was very overwhelming the first time I had to do it. I didn’t realise how much work went into a 2 minute segment or how much money was spent in the show. The job stressed me out a lot, I was constantly tired, sleep deprived and as time went on, I lacked the motivation to get up at 4AM to head to the office. I used to be so excited about interning, but this job was really draining.

That week was a bit of a weird week for me, a lot had happened that made me make the decision to leave earlier than planned. Technically speaking there’s another two weeks till the last live show and I had planned to stay right till the end but things happened and on Thursday afternoon I approached my boss asking/telling him that Friday was going to be my last day.

I think the reason I stayed so long was because of the audience and the crew. I loved working with them so much, they made me feel so special and loved, always complimenting my outfits and encouraging me to achieve my best. The audience would give me life advice and treated me with so much respect.

I also felt like if I had left earlier I’d be letting my boss down. He has done so much for me over the last six months, given me so many opportunities to prove myself not just to him and my superiors but also prove to me that I can do things. But when I approached him on Thursday afternoon he was fine with my decision and was happy to hear about the next step in my life.

That afternoon was the first time I felt happy, like real happy in the last six months. The internship had really drained me and taken a lot of energy. I seriously felt a sense of relief when I left the building. Don’t get me wrong, the internship was amazing, I learnt so much, experienced amazing things, met amazing people and got so many opportunities from it, but I think six months anywhere as an intern is draining.

On Friday it was like my first day, I woke up at 4AM so excited to come in, I wasn’t tired, I was full of energy leading the audience for the last time and just had so much fun. It was a great way to end the internship.

I have met so many wonderful people who I plan to keep in contact with, because really…it’s not goodbye. From this internship I met someone who has given me an opportunity in the digital news department at as their intern, so technically speaking I’m just moving departments which means I can still see everyone and I think it’s made my decision to leave a lot easier.

Looking forward to the next step in my life!


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