You’re so fat now

My name is Han Nguyen, I am 19 years old, 167cm tall, weigh 57kg and was called fat twice in the space of a few days.

Here’s the back story to my life, when I was 15 I weighed 45kg and was all skin and bone. At the time I had a hyper thyroid which made me lose weight extremely fast, I was constantly tired and would pass out on occasions. People used to say ‘omg you’re so lucky you’re so skinny’ or ‘I’m so jealous you can eat what you want and not get fat’. I must admit, I was very happy with the compliments and loved the idea of being so skinny.

I was close to being anorexic.

Not many people know this about me, but when I started taking my medication I gained weight, I had put on 10kg within a week. I was so self-conscious about what everyone thought of me and how much weight I had put on. I used to starve myself because I wanted to lose weight and go back to being 45kg. I was terrified of seeing someone who I hadn’t seen in ages because I didn’t want them to point out I was ‘fat’. I changed my hair style, hoping that people would take notice of my hair cut rather than my weight gain. I wasn’t happy with my life, not because of my weight gain, but because of all the fat shaming.

I have maintained the 55-60kg weight range for the past four and a half years. It has taken me this long to be confident in who I am.

To all those who keep saying I’m fat and pointing out I’ve gained weight, yeah I have gained weight. It’s for the better. But I’m not fat, I’m healthy and extremely happy with my life. I’m in the healthy weight range and am so over all the negativity.

So why don’t you f&%$ off and find something better to do with your life, cause I’m very happy with mine and don’t have time for your shit.


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  1. You tell them Han ! very disappointing to hear people say those things, but they are only jealous and wanting to point out flaws ! Dont’ let anyone bring you down, you are perfect 🙂 touching article ! Stay positve and healthy xx

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