Ending it with a bang

What a way to end a very wonderful week and a bit.

This morning my commute to work was a little different. Last week COS wanted me to find a commuter that we could do a case study on about the new bus timetable. My task from there was to travel to work with my talent, Sheree. I met Sheree at her house with cameraman Rolfe and from there we walked to her bus stop and waited with her. Our package angle was ‘commuter chaos’ and ‘disruptions’, so I had chosen Sheree as my talent because of what she was expecting from the new changes and boy did that not disappoint. Three buses drove by and didn’t stop because they were full, when she finally got on she was running late from work, that was including leaving home a little early. Normally it would take her 20-30 minutes to travel to work, it ended up taking over an hour. When I returned with the package to the COS she was very happy and impressed with what I had.

To be honest, it wasn’t as much chaos as what we were all predicting, but the package was really good. So my package was pretty much the only ‘upset commuter’ we had. Overall, it was a really fun experience to follow a talent that I sourced, got to field producer what images I wanted and just act like a real journo.

Back at the newsroom I was approached my the producer who i worked with for the weather yesterday, I was sent out to do the weather package again today. Back in Penrith! Boy was it hot. We filmed the best and worse place to work on a hot day like today. Our hot place was Memphis BBQ Pit where cameraman Rod and I filmed the ladies working in the sweltering hot kitchen and also I interrupted a customers meal and asked if he could help out and eat really hot wings. He was great and did, it was seriously such a great addition to the package. The ladies had such a great time with us they smothered us with food! It was so lovely of them, I had cheesy fries for the first time, so yummy.

From there we made out way to two different cold place to shoot – but that didn’t work out. So I had to contact a few places to find out if we cold film, thankfully the Cow and Moon in Newtown were happy to help us. But because Rod and I were in the West we couldn’t go, so we asked COS to send out another crew. We then made our way to Baulkham Hills pool area to get some overlays of kids swimming as well as so voxpops.

While we were at the pools COS called us to tell us to make our way to Carlingford because we were one of the closet crews there. This was around 3:30PM. To my surprise, they let an intern go out to a crash site. Two elderly ladies were trapped in their car after it crashed in to a two story house – literally ended my day on a bang.

While we were there we were tasked to monitor the CareFlight Chopper, just incase it airlifted one of the patients, but it didn’t. I for the first time got to see a helicopter up close and see it take off. What an experience that was, so loud and almost like heavy and windy. So grateful!

We made out way back to the crash site and did the presser with the NSWF and Police and I also met Mike Duffy the journalist packaging the story. We had to travel to Westmead to feed back all of our footage back to Martin Place. From Westmead I caught a taxi with Mike and he gave me some very useful tips and advice. He’s actually so great and lovely and willing to teach and explain things.

I didn’t get back to the office till about 7PM when pretty much everyone had gone home. I managed to speak to COS and said bye to a few journos and producers.

But what an amazing week and a bit. I’ve learnt so much, experienced things i’ve never experienced before, went to places I’ve never been, met amazing people who were willing to help and take the time to reach me and all at the same time have fun.

My confidence in what I can do has improved and I’m just very thankful. Hopefully i’ll be back there soon!



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