I swear I was working…

What a hot day it was today!

I was asked to come back and extend my internship till tomorrow. If you’ve read my pervious post, you’ll know it’s a full on week for me. Two assignments due, two days at uni and threes days interning. This morning on my train ride and in the first hour of my shift I managed to finish on of my assignments, due tomorrow at 5PM and I finished a day of interning. It’s seriously a relief to have finished that assignment, just one more to do and the rest of the week should be good for me.

Today was a good day, I was told that I’d be out and about doing stuff for the weather package and train to be a weather girl –  I might add was the lead story in tonights bulletin. I was partnered off  and reunited with Rolfe, a cameraman I met the last time I was at Seven. It was so good to see him again and to be able to work with him was great fun. At 10AM I was briefed by a producer and Rolfe and I were told to go to Bondi and Coogee to film some overlay and do some voxpops. We started out at Bondi and then made our way to Coogee where we picked up our COS son to use the GoPro in the water. As Rolfe was filming the time laps of an ice-block melting, I supervised the COS son and told him to do things, jump in the wave, interact with people, run from the beach into the water and just have fun in the sun. We also went to this area of the beach where he cold jump off rocks. Oh my gosh was I worried, I mean, I had the care of the COS son in my hands. I mean, If he’d hurt himself or didn’t have fun or got lost I would have gotten in so much trouble, lost my internship and god knows what would happen to me. But thankfully everything went smoothly and when we got back to Rolfe we conducted some voxpops and then returned the COS son back home. I also managed to stick my feet in the water – boy was that nice.

We thought it would be best to give the disc of stuff we filmed back to the newsroom so they could package it together then Rolfe and I traveled to Aqua Park in Penrith. I’ve never been to Penrith before and to be honest, it’s not what I expected. Yes, It was boiling hot but to my surprise it was not as rural as I thought it would be. The action park was filled with families and children on their last day of school holidays. I gave the GoPro to one of the ‘customers’ is that what you call them? who had a son and told them to go have fun and slide down the slide for five to 10 minutes, as I was watching over, Rolfe filmed some more overlay and we met up where I was standing to do some voxpops near the water. Once everyone saw we were interviewing people a whole group of people swamped us, in particular children. It was great fun, but they pretty much just wanted their five minutes of fame, most of what they were saying wasn’t really much use for us. But I took advantage of the situation and asked them all “Are you guys excited to be going back to school tomorrow?” we got a massive reply of “NO”. We missed out on filming sausages being cooked on the barbie, so I called the producer up and told her and she said that it was okay.

From there we headed back to Sydney and the newsroom where I was told I could go home, by this time it was about 4:30PM. COS reminded me of my run down for tomorrow and I talked to the producer I’ll be working under for tomorrows package I’m working on. I asked him what he wanted/needed me to do and gave me tips and advice on how to approach it.

I just received an email from COS, she sent the whole team – camera crew, journalist and producers the run down for tomorrow. Besides my name it has (FP) which I believe means Field Producer…HOW COOL IS THAT? haha.

I’m really exhausted from today, i might be suffering from a slight case of heat stroke because I’ve been outside in the sun a lot of today. But I’m loving this internship, I mean I’m learning so much from producers, COS, cameramen and journalists, I’m discovering new places like Aqua Park and visiting places I’ve never been before. I seriously love this internship and wish it’ll never end. But, I can’t stay an intern forever! One more year of my degree and hopefully I’ll be a real journalist!


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