Not as crazy as you would think

What a crazy day it’s been.

As per usual my morning started at 7AM where I was asked to go out to George St with a cameraman to film some voxpops for a news package. We wanted to get commuters reactions and their thoughts. To my surprises, a lot of people wanted to say things, even though they were rushing to work.

I headed back to the newsroom and was briefed on my next story which was to be done at 2:30. But before I left and prepared for that I was tasked with finding some certain information which I can’t reveal. I had to make a number of cools and travel by foot up the road to go through this ‘file’ when I say file, it’s literally two blocks of lists. I had to go through them to get my information. It wasn’t much help as it was specific to what I was searching for. It was a long shot this task COS had given me so when I told her I had tried everything, from databases to traveling to go through files, to the old Google-ing, Yellow pages and social media stalking. She was okay with it and said she was waiting for a contact to get back to her.

So when I finished that task I started to prepare for my assigned story. Paul Kadak briefed me on what he wanted because he’s going to be the journalist that packages it. I had to conduct interviews and work with the cameraman to pick camera shoots. It was a really cool trip because I got to travel in the ‘Link Truck’ which I thought was super cool.

The area we were driving to was right next to home, so I made the driver drive past my house for my mum to see. She was so excited and loved it!

I found that my confidence in interviewing has improved, a lot in the past week. I don’t stumble as much and I feel better and less nervous. But a first for me was interviewing kids. You know that saying “never work with kids or animals” well I finally understand the kids part. I found it difficult to interview these two 10 year-old twins. They gave short answers, like literally one word. I don’t know, maybe it’s cause I didn’t word my question right or they were just nervous, but I found it difficult. It was definitely a learning curve for me.

We headed back to the newsroom and that was when the breaking news of the shooting outside Parramatta police station had just come through. What an experience that was to witness. Technically speaking I was meant to be finished at 4PM but I stayed back just in case COS needed me to do something, plus, really, I had nothing better to do on a Friday afternoon.

When news came through of the shooting, it was unconfirmed and the police media team didn’t say anything. We sent out our chopper and the live feed was coming through to our screens. There was a lot of blood.

Watching the newsroom operate was an experience. It was not what I thought it was going to be like, I thought once breaking news came through so close to deadlines, there would be papers flying everywhere and journos running up and down freaking out. But it was calm and everyone was busy. I guess you have to be in this sort of situation.

We had trouble sending out a camera crew and journalist because of traffic, but managed to be one of the first news organisation to arrive at the scene because one of the journalist caught the train. The phones in the newsroom were ringing off the hock. It was a calm crazy.

I’m honestly so glad I stayed back, it’s an amazing thing to witness. I felt really bad for leaving at 5:15PM, but there was no point of having me there. I couldn’t really do anything. If anything, I was probably in their way.

To witness such a thing progress is pretty special. I’m so thankful, like I know I’m always saying it. But wow, very grateful.


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