Seven News Internship Day Four

Hello again lovely people visiting my small corner of the world wide web. I hope you’re all well.

Today was a pretty slow day for me as an intern, but still a very educational one – I’m always learning, and I love to learn about stuff that’s industry related.

Once again I was in the office by 7AM, sat down at my desk and read the paper and scrolled through social media for a good 3hrs before I was assigned something to do. Most of the camera crew had already left to go to assigned jobs and couldn’t come back to take me anywhere. So I was in the office for majority of the day.

My first task assigned to me by COS was to gather statistics and rates on prison escapees between 2003-2012 in South Australia (because that was when NSW corrective service commissioner Peter Severin was Chief).

I called up the corrective services media team and they sent through PDFs for me to got through, boy that took a while. Once I finished that I was assigned another task for next weeks news which I will not reveal. But it involved me wandering round the city for 3hrs searching for talent. At first I couldn’t find any, but thankfully I came up with three.

Now, today wasn’t as exciting as other days, and I knew it was going to happen and I’m kinda okay with it. Like i’ve said before, you get good and not so good days.

But I’m still so ver grateful!



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