Feeling really lucky and thankful

What a wonderful day yesterday was. Firstly, I’d like to apologise for the late post. I was really tired and no bothered to write anything yesterday.

Yesterday was a good day. I started at 7AM but didn’t get sent out to the field till just before 9AM. Alex Hart was the journalist/mentor looking after me. He’s actually so great, I met his fiancΓ© while interning in Canberra.

The day before police had arrested 13 people in relation to possession of cocaine, illegal importation of tobacco and more. We were sent to the AFP media press conference, but I had literally sat down for less than 5 minutes before we found out three of the arrested were appearing in court at the same time. Alex looked over to me and pretty much said “right Han, grab our cameraman and off to court you go.”

Alex stayed for the press conference while I travelled all the way to Sutherland court with our camera. We had agreed to ‘poll’ with Network 10. They gave us the copy of the press conference and I will attend court on behalf of Seven and 10, but of course, mainly Seven.

We honestly thought we would have missed the hearings, but thankfully we didn’t. I had no clue what to do, I was asking the cameraman what normally happens but he wasn’t sure and I didn’t want to bug Alex so I improvised.

The moment we stopped I jumped out of the car and went through security and headed to the reception like place and asked for details. They were really helpful, like so nice and understanding and gave all the information they had, which wasn’t much but was more than I originally had.

They told me to wait in court room two. While I was there, the cameraman filmed outside the court and stayed in the car waiting for me to give him the nod.

After a bit I noticed two people who walked in, they looked like journalist, not because of how well known they were or the way they were dressed, but because of the way they presented themselves and kept looking over at me. It turns out they were from ABC24 and one of them was an intern from UTS.

During court only one of the arrested applied for bail and was granted it with conditions. He was the only person we could get a shot of. So right after it was finished I bolted out of the court and called Alex to give him an update as well as for him to tell me what to do.

We managed to get footage of the lawyer and grab some quotes off him. So did ABC. But they weren’t bothered to stay and film our target. We waited for a good 2hrs before our target had left court and when he did there was a lot of swearing involved.

Han Nguyen - Tobacco story

In the image above, the target said to me “get the f&$# out of my face you f&%$ing idiot” it was really good for me, such a great learning curve and literally thrown in the deep end.

When I returned to the office we found out we had to share our footage with ABC as well. But I guess it’s good partnership in a way.

The footage was used in Ten Eyewitness News and was also the lead for our Seven News package. So many people messaged me saying they saw me on TV. It’s such a great feeling. And today when I went in to the office, Alex was so great and showing it off to everyone.

I’m so grateful and feel so lucky for all the amazing things i’ve been able to experience and do. I know someone’s watching over me, and now that grandma is there too, I few like i’ve been granted two angels to watch over me.

I want to thank who ever is watching over me, my friends and family for their support, all the places I’ve interned at (Seven News, Studio 10, Macarthur Chronicle, 2GB). And Like I say, I know it’s not always going to be like this, but still, how lucky am I to be able to say “Hi i’m Han from Seven News” or “Hi I’m an intern for ___”

So thankful!


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