Hi, I’m Han from Seven News – could get used to saying that

What a marvellous day!

Today I was sent out to a story all by myself, because the story hasn’t come gone to air yet, I will not be talking about it here. I was sent out with my very own cameraman, who we call Rattle. He was great fun to work with, knew a lot, I mean a lot about the business and the industry.

Before I left, I was briefed by COS and then sent a media release and was briefed by Cath Turner who will be the journalist voicing and presenting the story – I’m only an intern. Cath is a journalist who I look up to, she’s so talented and has experienced so much.

We spent about 3hrs at the location, shooting graphics and conducting interviews. I had to do my very first interview! I was so nervous , but thankfully I wasn’t the only one. It was my talents first interview as well, so we kinda worked together and had a normal conversation. She was a bit nervous, but everyone there were so great, all so nice and welcoming and very helpful. They even supplied lunch for us!

As we were filming our last footage we received a call from COS assigning us to another task. We had to conducting a few box pops for a package about the light rail construction affecting commuters in the CBD.

I honestly thought people would love to get on TV and talk to me, but honestly I was rejected so many times..it hurts haha. I introduced myself as “Hi, I’m Han from Seven News: seriously could get used to saying this.

I’m really loving what i’ve been doing lately, so very grateful and happy. I know that not everyday is going to be full on and as fun and active. But I seriously can’t wait to enter the work force, even though I’m constantly saying I’m scared and not ready.


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