Back to where it all started

I’ve been a little quiet lately here on my blog, a lot has happened in the last few weeks. I’ve been constantly busy with stuff, and whenever I’ve had time to myself, I’ve managed to finish some projects that have been sitting on my table for a very long time.

Today I went back to where it all started – where my motivation to find internships, gain practical experience and love for journalism grew, Seven News. For those who don’t know, Seven News was my first ever internship/work experience. I’m back here for another week.

It’s been over a year since I was last a there and to be honest, I think I was a little bit too overly keen. This time round I made sure I was a little more calm. I’d like to think that in the past year or so I’ve matured a little bit, I feel like I have.

I came to this internship with a positive attitude, like I do with all my internships. I always have an open mind and always willing to learn ( I love learning new stuff, especially industry related). But with this one, I made sure I also came with more maturity.

To my surprised, a lot of the people I worked with last time remembered me and some who I briefly met recognised my face from when I was there or seeing me in the field when I was interning for a different organisation. It’s such a great and warm feeling.

I got to work with a really great cameraman today, his name’s Frank. I had met I’m before but he doesn’t remember me. He was great, giving me tips and advice on what to do, what to wear and how to succeed in this very competitive industry.

I worked with two journalist today. For one I went out to two press conferences, one with Premier Mike Baird and the other with opposition leader, Luke Foley about a $200 million make over for Circular Quay. It was such a beautiful day to be out. I also met another intern who’s interning for Network 10. While I was there, the 10 journo recognised me from interning with Studio 10 and said I was a traitor (in a joking way of course).

It really is great to be recognised, and I guess that’s what the industry is about, it’s who you know and who knows you.

My other story I went out on was about a soccer brawl that left a teenager in hospital with a  broken jaw. We camped out at the hospital for a bit, where the journalist did a PTC and then traveled to Granville police station to record the VO and also do the live cross at 6PM.

I learnt a lot of technical terms today, and a lot of names. For those who know me, I’m really bad at remembering names, but I’m at at remembering faces. I really need to improve on it.

Everyone is so warm, welcoming, accommodating and willing to teach and give advice, which is what I consider the best thing. I’m always looking to learn new things and find different ways to tackle a situation.

I will be posting daily during my week here at Seven News. I’m very grateful for what I’ve got, so thankful for all my internships.


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