Ba Noi: strong and stubborn

We lost an amazing, strong and stubborn woman, but she’s in a better place now. A place where there is less pain and where she is watching over us.

My Grandma (Ba Noi) has taught me how to appreciate life,  be grateful for what I have and constantly remind me how lucky I am to call Australia home. When my parents had to work, our grandparents would look after us, they’d make us get up at 5am to say our morning prayers, Ba Noi taught my sister and I how to sings and pray in vietnamese, she taught us the rosary and always reminded us to thank god for the food we have.

She was a fighter, right to the last minute. She was so stubborn, always made sure she got what she wanted. Things had to be of the finest quality and the parties had to be big. But that’s our grandma, and that’s why we love her. She always wanted the best, not just for herself, but for her children, grandchildren and great grandkids.

She would constantly pray for us to study hard and encourage us to be doctors (which pretty much means praying for us to achieve or best).

I would constantly joke around with Ba Noi about my single status. She thinks I’m constantly looking for a boyfriend. One day I was in the hospital with her, I had stayed the night because we had to monitor her breathing. I asked her in viet “Hey Ba Noi, are there any cute doctors you want me to marry?” I kid you not, she said “Who’d marry you?” my sister and mum could not stop laughing. She had used all her energy to say that. Some might think that’s harsh, but that’s Ba Noi for you, that’s why I love her.

My grandparents have had 60 years of marriage, been through a war, escaped wartorn Vietnam as refugees, raised nine kids, 27 grand children and seven great grandkids.

There is so much love in my family, but the love my grandpa  (Ong Noi) had, and still has for Ba Noi  just melts me.

Ong Noi had a ruff life, he lost both his parents when he was about 10 and had to work for most of his childhood. My grandparents were arranged to be married at 21, I have never seen such a strong relationship.

He was with her everyday right till the end. This is the kind of love I want, I want someone to love me as much as Ong Noi loved Ba Noi, even though he never showed it, it’s so powerful.

We love you and we miss you so much. Rest in peace Ba Noi.

Choe Thi Nguyen

Born in Vietnam on 25 December 1935

Passed away on 3 September 2015

Aged 79 years



We would love you to come and celebrate the amazing life Ba Noi had.



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