“Why is your life so glamorous?”

Today I was asked, “why is your life so glamorous?” not just once, but twice, from completely different people.

Now, A very wise man informed me long before today’s encounter that people will assume that having a life in media/communication is glamorous.

Sure, I’m having the time of my life as a student journalist and as a media intern for any organisation that will have me. It’s not because it’s ‘glamourous’, it’s because I really enjoy and love what I am doing. I’ve completed about six internships so far and i’ve had to do the proper intern stuff: coffee and lunch runs, mail pick up, when I was a fashion PR intern I had to iron clothes. As an intern, you pretty much do all the jobs paid people don’t want to do.

I’d like to point out, I make my life glamorous.

Think about it. I’m not going to show the world via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram that I iron peoples clothes or pick up mail. I’m going to send you snaps of me right up close to a celebrity or playing with puppies and all the freebies I get.

I had to work with puppies for a story. What I shared on my social media accounts: Me playing with cute 12 week old puppies. What I didn’t share: A puppy peed on me, and I also stepped on dog poo.

I guess people are right to assume that my life is ‘glamorous’, I mean that’s what I want you all to see. But really, it’s part of the job, the puppies and the poo.

For those who know me, you’ll know I’m a big believer in starting from the bottom and making your way to the top through hard work and dedication. I love doing ALL the intern stuff, from the coffee runs and to the freebies.

It’s part of the intern life.

I must admit, I’ve been fortunate to have had internships where I have been published and gained practical experience, putting what i’ve learnt in my lectures and tutorials to use. But I also remember getting extremely excited about having to do my first coffee run – in all the Hollywood movies, that’s what interns do. So being able to live like what I watched growing up is pretty exiting to me.

I strongly believe working hard, being persistent and loving what you do will get you far in life.


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