Growing up with Asian Superstitions

My left eye has been twitching for the past two weeks, of course as I am not a doctor myself, I go to the person I get all of my advice from, my mother (NOTE: I did try doctor Google first).

Now, my mum is as asian as as mothers can be, yes she has worn her white sports shoes with her jeans – thankfully she’s grown out of that stage. She’s a tiny little lady with a big personality and who is the reason why people say asians can’t drive. She is also very superstitions about everything, I mean everything.

As I went and asked her about my eye she immediately dropped what she was doing and grabbed my hand and gave it three good slaps. She said it was bad luck to have twitching eyes and that she had to hit it out of me – which mind you it hasn’t worked.

It worked the day, but the next it was and still is twitching. I told her about how Dr Google said the Chinese superstitions it was good luck if the left eye was twitching, she then said “We’re not Chinese, we don’t believe what they believe”.

This got me thinking, Asians are so superstitions and so i’ve deiced to write a list of the ones i’ve come across.

1. I once had a ring on my right hand index finger and mum saw and told me off, she said that having a ring on that finger meant I was “Looking for a boyfriend” and the ring finger meant I was “married” – mind you this is my right hand. She then put her middle finger up at me and said I had to wear rings on that finger. She didn’t say why.

2. My aunt and uncle recently just opened an eatery, I came and helped out on opening day. My first job when I got there was to fill glass water jars with water, I poured hot water straight into the jars and crack, water everywhere. But I didn’t get in trouble because of the superstition which roughly translate to “Water comes out, money comes in”.

3. I’m not allowed to whistle. When I first started to learn how to whistle dad immediately told me to drop the habit. He said it was “Bad luck to whistle because it’ll bring snakes to the house.” – I am yet to see any.

4. We moved to our home about four years ago, when we first arrived I found out our neighbour has a cat. I was patting the cat in the driveway when out of nowhere my mum comes running out screaming in gibberish and waving her hands and scared the cat away. She said “it was bad luck to have a cat come to the house.” The neighbours cat still comes to our house.

5. My sister’s allergic to many things, one being dogs. I was walking home from school one day and this stray dog followed me home. Dad was out the front and say, I immediately thought he’d threaten to eat it (we’ve never eaten dog before, but we joked about it) but he went in the house and got a bowl of water and gave it to the dog. He said “It’s good luck when a dog comes to the house, so we have to look after them.”

6. I went shopping with my mum once and we ran in to a boy I used to go to primary school with. We had a little catch up and then he hugged me goodbye. Once he had left my mother started telling me off. She said “I’m not allowed to hug and touch boys otherwise my reputation is ruined and I won’t get married.” – I am still single.

7. I was a messy eater as a kid and mum used to say “If you don’t eat all the rice in your bowl, your husband is going to be ugly and have pimples.”
That’s some of many superstitions i’ve come across in my 19 years. Some may be true…


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