The struggle is real

As a girl who never wears make-up, i’ve been wearing an awful lot lately and my skin is not liking it!

I’m the type of girl who never wears make-up, I mean really, i’d much rather have extra time to sleep than spend 15-30 minutes in the bathroom applying things to my face. Plus I think I kinda look alright without make-up. But when i do wear make up i’ll go all out: foundation, eye make-up, lipstick and everything.

I will wear make-up on special occasions like big birthday celebrations, weddings or going to the theatre. I will not wear make up to family gatherings, dinners (unless it’s a formal occasion), school/uni and work.

So recently I have been interning, a lot. If you’ve been keeping up with my blog you would know i’ve been to Canberra for 2GB radio, a contributor for News Corp’s Macarthur Chronicle and this I haven’t mentioned before (Only just got it) one of Network Ten’s Studio 10 interns.

In the media industry, it’s kinda a  must to wear make-up and look professional. I totally agree with it. But i’m so over wearing it, so is my skin. I’ve been breaking out a lot because my skin isn’t getting air and because I haven’t been removing my make-up properly – which I should.

I can’t just come to work one day without make-up on, everyone would probably freak out at how ugly I am – haha.

So over the years i’ve come up with a solution. I have been slowly decreasing the amount of make-up i’ve been using, so eventually I can show up at work without make-up on and hopefully nobody would freak out.

But I also have the problem of having to look professional and not look like i’ve just jumped out of bed. The struggle is really real.

Any tips or advice would be much appreciated! xx


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