Should I be having this much fun?

As you all probably know, i’ve been interning a lot in the past few weeks, actually the past month – Wow time flies when you’re having a great time.

I’m so excited to enter the work force, interning has given me a small sample of how my life would be. Don’t get me wrong, I know i’m probably doing like 20% of what a real paid, working journalist is doing, but just observing them in the newsroom gives me a feel of what to expect.

I’m enjoying myself so much that I have to pinch myself. It’s os great to get practical experience in, writing each week and having a byline just makes me feel so good and not to mention how good it looks in my portfolio.

Today I went out on a conference with opposition leader Luke Foley and Member for Campbelltown, Greg Warren. It was so good because I was tasked with doing the Vox, which I did at first struggle with. But in the end I managed to get what I needed.

Look, I accidentally got in Mr Foley’s shot haha.

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 6.33.08 pm

So technically today was meant to be my last day, so I bought in a cake to say thank you to everyone. Because honestly, i’ve learnt so much and have had an amazing time.

But, it would seem the Macarthur Chronicle can’t get rid of me that easily. I get next week off because another person is coming in. But I’m back the week after! So i’m really excited guys!


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