Clumsy is my middle name

This post is going to be dedicated to how clumsy I am.

For those who know me, I’m the biggest klutz. Usually when I fall or stack it those who spend a lot of time with me don’t really take notice or care. We literally just laugh it off and say “well of course that happened to Han”.

I’m the type of girl who’d fall on a flat surface and wearing flat shoes. During games that involve balls, my face is a magnet, I always get hit in the face, hence why I avoid ball games. I’m also the worse at catching, throwing and even holding things. I tend to break things easily and drop things often.

Today, I went to my sister’s room to clean up our DVD collection (we keep them all in her room because she has more space). I somehow managed to walk into the cupboard door, my forehead started to bleed and slightly bruised and now I have a scar on my head. It like really hurt, like a lot and my parents (as a joke) were more concerned about the door than their own daughter.

So I have decided that from now on, I’m going to try and stop being clumsy and try and be a normal human being who doesn’t fall or breaks something every five seconds.

Wish me luck!


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