That’s a wrap!

And I’m back, back to plain old Sydney, no more Canberra adventures for Han…not for now at least.

So I haven’t been posting the last few days because I though it’ll be better to have one big post than two small ones, considering they weren’t very busy days, but still amazing things happened.

Thursday, the last day of sitting in Parliament house. It was going to be a slow-ish day, not many press conferences or much drama, beside the Northern Australian white paper that Tony Abbott was going to share with the rest of Australia. Unfortunately I didn’t attend that, which was a little disappointing.

I got to hang around with Bridget on Thursday, she’s the work experience kid from Nine News. I pretty much spent the day with Nine News and their cameraman. I met the COS and we discussed the prospects of me coming up again and interning for them. I asked if there was any chance of a paid internship, but he said unfortunately not, it was worth asking.

Friday was an extremely slow day, no politicians, it was like everyone else was busy, which they were but as an intern, there really wasn’t much for me to do. I did a lot of wandering around, I had lunch in the courtyard, but was stalked/attacked by crows so I ran inside and hid. Then I explored the rest of parliament house, I went to the meditation room, the cafes/lunch halls and stuff like that. It was great. As I was walking back, my pass expired on me, so the extremely hot security guard stopped me and said in a very nice way I needed to get my pass renewed or be escorted around, I would have chosen escorted if he was the one doing the escorting, but I ended up getting my pass renewed for another four hours.

The cameraman, all of them from every network were so nice to me. They helped me out, showed me around, told me who/which politician were important to get a grab from and nice places to eat or visit during my stay in canberra. On a side note, i’ve worked out why all the journos are always happy when they do a live cross or piece to the camera, holy crap, cameraman can be really good looking.

Security and the AFP, so nice and really easy to talk to, very happy and always smiling. Always coming to my rescue, I was running late to a press conference and I stacked it, legit, no joke 5 security guards came out of nowhere to see if I was okay haha.

What i’ve learnt over the last week?

I’ve learnt, I need to lower my voice and take on a more authoritative voice. My pace is apparently good, just needs to slow it a little bit. I’ve learnt how to use NewsBoss and NewsBoss audio, just made myself familiar with it, I could edit, and play around with the equipment.

I’ve learnt, radio is much harder than it looks/sounds. It’s not just reordering, you need to go to press conferences, put the story together, record your voice, edit and put packages together.

I met Penny Wong, Sarah Hanson-Young, Richard Di Natale, Scott Morrison- a number of times, and many others.

Learnt a lot about Parliament, Question time, House of reps is green (where Tony Abbott is), Senate is red, about how they have 4 and a half minutes to go to a voting, i’ve leaner Parliament House is HUGE and security and AFP are lovely people.

I’m definitely going to consider radio as a career option, I know this industry is hard, competitive and a lot of people want it. But I want it more.

I’ve only been back 24hrs and i’m already missing Canberra, the independence I got to experience, the fact I had to look after myself, cook, clean, go to work, catch taxis. I got to work and experience a whole new world. I can not wait for when I come back to Canberra, to be able to work in the press gallery again would be an amazing experience.

Thanks for an amazing time Canberra, I hope to see you again soon!


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