What are the chances?

NOTE: the title of this post is relevant, you’ll just need to read the whole post

Another wet and rainy day in Canberra. I was almost late to work this morning because my taxi didn’t come. No joke, three taxis came and went and none were mine. I had booked it the night before, but I might just do it the morning of when I need it next time.

Today was a pretty slow day for me, everyone else was busy and didn’t have much time to show me stuff or tell me what to do. Which I totally understand, I sometimes feel so annoying just being there, but i’m learning so I guess being annoying sometimes is a good thing.

The agenda from Canberra was: China trade deal, Asylum seekers,  pension changes and more, but they were our main news.

This morning I was on Senate doors again, it was pretty great, I asked my first question!!! I asked Sarah Hanson-Young about the asylum seekers issue and if the AFP had been in contact with her. She said no and she was going to do a follow up.

From there it went slow, no press conferences for me to attend, I only attend one today. Yesterday I had about 5, but this job is unpredictable and I understand that. I also met channel 9’s work experience girl, I didn’t get her name thug, but hopefully will run into her soon.

I staked it while walking in Parliament house and was rescued by security, it was pretty funny.

Anyways, today I decide to sit on the Senate question time, it was a last minute decision and when I went I saw a classmate from last year from Sydney. I mean what are the chances? How weird is that. We sat next to each other and caught up for a bit before I had to return.

Today I also did my first Press gallery door stop. We (Steph and I) stopped a senator in the gallery and I was pretty much in the background, it was so great though, word travelled so fast, when we got there it was only us then no joke a minute later we had journos and cameramen coming from all corners.

To end the day Steph let me practice recording my voice and playing around in the sound prof room. It was a bloody amazing experience! Had so much fun recording and editing my voice and just playing with the equipment.

Only two more days, and to be honest, i’m really going to miss it. Not only because of working in the press gallery with an amazing team and meeting new lovely people, but because of the independence. Don’t get me wrong, I do get a bit lonely here but I think everything else makes up for it.

I’m loving living by myself, having to iron, clean, make food and not depend on my parents so much.


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