Hi, i’m Han – the intern

This internship has allowed me to meet so many people. I’ve shaken so many hands (I think I have an excellent handshake now) and heard so many names, but I can’t remember most of them and it’s only the second day!

Today I started at 7:30, I was on the senate doors. It’s pretty much a lot of waiting to see if anyone want to stop and talk and give a press conference. We had three and it was pretty much still on the topic of asylum seekers and the allegations to the government about paying them to return to Indonesia.

I got back to the office and we had a staff debrief on what to do and what was going on. They said I could put together packages for the news, it was good practice for me to use the program, NewsBoss. It’s so complicated to use, but i’m getting my head around it!

At 11 I was sent to a press conference which turned to about four conferences. That lasted till about 12. When I got back to the office, I saw I had made it on TV, ABC 24 and I was so excited but didn’t manage to get a photo and have been searching all day for it. No luck yet.

I put together a package for Sydney and it was sent through. By 2pm it was pretty much my free time. My 2GB boss told me I could sit in the house of reps question time. It was amazing, so much better than watching it on the TV.

I met this really cute guy who lives in Canberra. He literally goes to question time when he has spare time. We bonded pretty well and sat together. I really thought there was like something there, but we went our separate ways. He didn’t even ask for my number, his loss!!! haha

I ran into so many people and thought it was about time to introduce myself to a few of them. Oh my golly gosh, Tom Connell from Sky News is so cute!! I also had a fan girl moment with Mark Riley from 7 news, there goes the professional intern look!

I was at work for 12 hours, a 12 hour day! But it was so cool, Scott Morrison came in and gave us a few grabs for the breaking news about Greens supporting the governments pension changes.

I know it’s not always going to be this fun and chilled when i’m working full time and have a real job. But for now, as a student i’m learning so much from the past two days, i’m so very grateful for this amazing experience and i’m having an incredible time here in Canberra.

I’m living by myself for the first time, having to cook, clean and organise things. I catch a taxi to work when it rains and go to work and come back. It’s amazing.


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