Hello Canberra!

When you think of Canberra you think, empty, cold and who the bloody hell goes to Canberra?.

Well I can let you know, it is very very cold here, but empty? nope you’re wrong about that. It’s as busy as any other city.

As you all know, this week i’m 2GB’s work experience kid in Canberra’s Press Gallery, but they call me the “intern”.

I had a late start this morning, 9 am. When I got there I had to get checked in and my pass…how cool is that? I have my very own pass! The actual press gallery is huge. I didn’t realise how big it was and it was not what I expected.

I went to a few press conferences today, and it was really exciting for me. Just watching how the journalist work and how they come up with questions on the spot is just amazing.

Steph who is looking after me taught me a few things with the program they use called NewsBoss, which I have never heard of. I’m really disappointed that uni doesn’t teach you things like this. I think it’s really important considering you’ll be using your whole career, and sure each company uses different things, but getting a gist of something similar would be so helpful.

I also got to write up a little piece from a media release, Steph also should me how 2GB works and what to type out and what not to do.

I’m still trying to get my head around everything, especially names. My goodness, i’ve met way too many people today, lots of hand shaking and meeting a lot of ministers.

I’ve also learnt today that I need to learn who the ministers, backbenchers and everyone. It’s been a little laid back but really full on day.

It’s been an educational day, nerve-racking but very fun and exciting for me.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow where I start at 7.30 and will be pretty much chasing for comments first thing! But looking forward to it.


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