Internship: Day four

What a week! This week has seriously gone so fast. I guess when you are constantly busy you don’t really notice the time and how fast it flies!

NOTE: apologise for the late post, I went out for dinner with my girly!


This morning when I went in I already knew what I had to do. I was expecting a phone call from a source for a piece I was working on the previous day and thankfully they did ring through.

After I got all the information I needed I finished off my story and submitted it and started on my second Global Kitchen piece and my first Junior Sports Start nomination piece. I also finally received a reply from FACS and finished off my original story.

By 2pm I was working on my 5th story about a fundraiser when I was sent out with a journalist to cover a story on make up guru, Napoleon Perdis. At first it wasn’t all exciting, he was running late and there weren’t any fans for us to interview, but thankfully when he arrived, out of nowhere a whole bunch came and lined up and we managed to grabs a few sentences off them.


Also, as fans of the make up brand, we went in on the action and took photos, he was really lovely!

When I got back to the office, to my surprise a lady who I was trying to reach for the past few days to get a comment on was waiting for me. Unfortunately I didn’t get an interview, but I am expecting a phone call from her tomorrow!

While I was in the meeting room with her, a journalist and camera that I have been working with scared me and reminded me of something that I had forgotten to do. I was meant to reschedule a photographer time slot, but somehow forgot all about it. But they were angry in a joking funny way and pretty much just picked on me.

I’m really enjoying working with this team and in the office. Everyone is so nice and very help. They’re all so busy, but still take time to have a chat with me and explain things.

I can’t believe tomorrow is my last official day. I might cry BUT, it’s not my last. I will be back!

I spoke to the editor who said they’d love to have me back, when I went to tell the team that they were stuck with me they all jokingly (hopefully) said “oh great”, or “oh yay”.

So I’m so excited to be returning soon, i’m hoping to return when semester starts up and come in once or twice a week!


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