Internship: Day three

Is it weird I love working? I’m having so much fun at my internship with The Macarthur Chronicle. I’ve learnt so much more than I have in a classroom.

This morning our editor wasn’t in the office today. But I already knew what I had to do. I had to finish off my Global Kitchen(GK) piece and re-edit my story on the 10 year anniversary since the Macquarie Fields riots.

When I finished my GK piece, I sent it over to the journalist who normally writes the section and he told me to go over and he showed me how to put it into the template and fixed up/edit my piece. He didn’t changed much just made suggestions and gave me some tips.

Guess what? My name is going to be on the byline!!! So that will be my second official published piece! So look out for it guys.

I went back to work and re-edited my story. The thing with this particular story was that I had to confirm with people from Housing NSW that I could use his quotes. It was pretty much a bit off a hassle, I could reach my source, but was contacted by someone from the media team who then told me I had to send a request.

But thankfully, everything has worked out and hopefully I will have a reply from them by tomorrow morning.

I like to always have something to do, so i’m always asking all the journalist if they needed me to do anything. I hope I don’t seem annoying, but I want them to realise how persistent I am, and how much I love what I am doing and this particular job.

Asking always pays off, the journalist would send and ask me things to do. I had to contact a mum to let her know her son would be published in our newspaper for his achievement. I had to book a photographer and send questions for her son to answer.

Tomorrow Napoleon Perdis will be at Macarthur square for a meet and great, I had to book a photographer for that as well, and i’m hoping i’ll be allowed to go to the event.

I also had to write a story about the Happiness Cycle, an initiative to get Australian kids active by riding bikes.

From there, I got to watch another journalist put my story in another template and she gave me tips and advice while editing my work.

It was also a member of the teams birthday yesterday, so we sung and wished her a happy birthday and had a cake!

My pitch for another GK story was also approved, so I got in contact with my friend, who’s mum will be making a Pakistani dessert and will be sending out an email tonight with questions. I also booked in a photographer for Friday.

I think I am an expert in booking photographers!



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