Internship: Day two

What a day! So happy to report a very successful and productive day for an intern.

Last night when I went home, I wanted to be organised for today. I cleaned up my notes and come up with an angle for the Global Kitchen section. I did a little bit of research into the organisation my talent was representing.

When I got into the office this morning, I told the editor what I had done and was told to write the piece.

Honestly, I love working in a newsroom. Time goes by so fast because you’re constantly busy and constantly have things to do, even for an intern.

I let the editor have a read of my draft, she said I was on the right track but needed to get more information on the actual talent. So I gave my talent a call, but she wasn’t home, and from memory from my last conversation with her she wouldn’t be home till after 3pm.

I was sent over two media releases and had to create 8 paragraph/sentences. I was also told that the story I sent in a while ago would be published as well, but I had to fix it up because it was way too long and a few sources needed to be re-contacted. I didn’t get around to doing it today, but will hopefully have a look at it tomorrow.

Today was my first newsroom meeting. It was so great to see the news team come and talk/pitch story ideas and I also had time to get to know everyone, which was good because yesterday they were busy with the deadlines, but I was fine with that.

Yesterday I had booked a photographer for my talent for the Global Kitchen for 4pm. My plan was to ask the editor if I could go out with the photographer so I could ask the last minute questions, as well as go out in the field.

But thankfully, the photographer made the suggestion to the editor and I told her about what I was thinking and she agreed for me to go.

It was such a wonderful experience. I got to meet the lovely lady over the phone and got to see the photographer working and I also got to finish my interview.

Today was an excellent day, I know it’s not always going to be like this, but I wake up wanting to go to work and wanting to be given tasks and challenged.

I’m hoping to ask the editor for an extension on my stay or to come back. So wish me luck guys!


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