Internship: Day one

As you all know, News does not stop! Not even on a public holiday. So today was my first day at my internship with NewCorps Macarthur Chronicle.

As per usual my morning didn’t go too well, I was running late and missed the early train. But that all worked out.

It was not what I expected. To be honest I thought i’d be sitting around not doing a lot, but the moment I got there I was assigned a tasked and from there it kept coming.

I had to find content for the “What’s on” section, prof read the paper for the deadline (the newspaper is printed Monday nights and sent out Tuesday) and what made me so nervous, I had to cold call, which means I had to call people randomly to find talent for the “Global Kitchen” piece.

I was so nervous. I’ve done phone interviews before, but this time was different, I had the editor nearby and a room full of journalists, so I had a feeling like they were listening in to see how i’d go. Thankfully for me, my talent said yes and I had a back up talent as well.

I think I did pretty well on my first day, it was such an amazing experience and I was really challenged and was kept busy. I didn’t even realise half the day had passed until my sister messaged me.

Eveyrone was so nice and helpful, whenever I had a question, they were willing to help. I didn’t really have many today because it was kinda simple tasks and everyone was busy because of the deadlines, but once 4pm came and went it was a much lighter atmosphere and more chatty.

I’m hoping to prove to them I am worthy of this weeks work experience/internship so that towards the end of the week I can asks bout the potential of coming in once or twice a week as their intern.

As a student journalist, i’m trying to get as much experience as I can, and even if it means it’s not paid, i’d rather that then having a paid job that isn’t relevant to my career choice. So wish me luck guys!

Looking forward to tomorrow, will keep you guys updated on the next two weeks!


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