When one door closes, another opens

Hi everyone, before I start my post, I’d just like to say thanks for visiting my little corner of the web and following my ups and downs as a student journalist.

If you’ve been following my blog, you’d know I went for a job interview last Monday. I can now tell you I didn’t get it. But i’m okay with it, the position I applied for was the 5 week internship with SMH/FairFax. I kind of suspected I wouldn’t get it, the other two who were at the interview are in their final year of uni and have so much more experience than I do. The person that did get it, was well deserved. I’m happy he got it.

Anyways, guess what? I’m going to be living in Canberra for a whole week by myself. This is going to be the first time i’m living by myself and I’m so excited. If you read a few weeks ago, I was in Canberra for a university assessment, and I really enjoyed. When I got back to Sydney, I did a little searching and emailed a few enquiries.

To my surprise I received an email and I am happy to say, I will be interning with Canberra’s press gallery for 2GB. I am supper excited, I can not wait to gain practical experience where all the action is at. Apparently that week is going to be super busy, which I love, I love being busy!

The week before that I will be completing an internship with my local paper. So this is exciting and very good times for a student journalist like myself.

I have been so lucky to have met amazing people who have helped me out on my journey to become a journalist. My mentor is always encouraging me to apply for an position that I can. After all, once you get your foot in the door, it’s moving up from there.

Very excited and I will (hopefully) be doing a daily blog about my intern life. x


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