“16 year old Pole Dancer”

I love meeting new people and having conversations with complete strangers. It’s actually so great. I’m not the type of girl who’d get all awkward and uncomfortable when a random talks to me. I actually really enjoy it, a different perceptive, meeting new and interesting people.

The reason i’m always willing to talk is because you never know who the person is, and you can’t judge them without getting to know them first. Also you never know, this person may play an important role in your life.

Today I had a really interesting experience. I had lunch with two of my friends in a Thai restaurant in central. It was so great to catch up with them, it had been so long. We were seated and had ordered our food and drinks.

Like any normal catch up we’d talk about what we had missed out on and all that we’ve done. As we were talking a group of 4 four men in their i’d say 30’s came and were seated next to us. The moment they came in I had this weird feeling about one of them. In this case we will call him Mr X.

As we were eating Mr X kept looking over at our table every now and then. It was so obvious, but – this is going to sound stuck up – i’m usually in the position where people do that. He finally spoke and asked what I was drinking, I said, coconut juice and he said if it was alcoholic and I said “Oh gosh no, I have class afterwards” he laughed and said something on the lines of “I thought so, you look very young to be drinking. You could be 16.”

I of course was pretty flattered, but I told him I was actually 19. We went back to or catching up and I started to talk about my plans to take voice lessons because “I sound like a teenager” that when he said, yes a 16 years old.

He then asked me what I was studying, where I said “What does it look like i’m studying” i missed  what he said because one of the other men guessed marketing. When I told them I was a communications major, Journalism he said his guess was close. I kid you not, he said the following to me.

“See I was close, I said pole dancer.”

I laughed it off and didn’t really take notice of it. He pretty much ignored my friend who was sitting between me and him and just talked to me and asked me questions and he constantly winked at me.

Mind you, my clothing was not anything inappropriate. Trust me, I was wearing pants and a long white top, like in the following image:

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 6.21.07 pm

To be honest, I don’t take notice of these things and I really didn’t care about what he said. It wasn’t until afterwards when my friend brought it up and how disgusted she was with the interaction.

Once again this is going to sound stuck up, but i’ve been in situations like this a lot, especially with older men. I think they see me as an easy target. But what they don’t know is that i’m an overlay confident person who is trained in martial arts for nine years and my ability to scream is pretty amazing.

Whenever men suggest anything sexual or inappropriate to me I will brush it off and change the topic. I think i’ve been so used to receiving stuff like that, I couldn’t care less. But when my friend brought it up, it made me think about all the times this has happened.

So that was my lunch today x


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