What’s happening?

When I was in high school at lot of people thought i’d be the first one to get married in the grade.  Like I know that sounds pretty ridiculous, but even I thought I would.

We used to play that game where we’d ask who we thought was going to get married first, who’d become the famous one or who’d be a serial killer, stuff like that – it might sound weird, but it was heaps fun at an all girls school to discuss who we’d think would turn psycho.

Anyways, everyone thought i’d get married and have kids first. I mean, I know i’m only 19 but marriage for me is pretty big. I can’t wait to get married and have start a family. If I had to choose between having a family and my career, family would come first. I’d definitely put my career on hold.

Last night my group and I were discussing the idea of moving out, and when we’d move out. For me I think 23 would be the perfect age for me o move out. I would move out by myself, i’d find someone to share a place that’s near a beach.

Why 23 you may ask? I’ll be 22 when I’ve graduated and hopefully have a stable first year out job, during that time I would have saved enough money for me to  move out. I think I need to move out, i’m too dependent on my parents and sister. Hell I don’t even know how to use the washing machine.

Majority of my friends are in long term relationships and they all talk about moving out with their significant other and planning a future together. It’s so great, and i’m so happy for them. Like i’m a hopeless romantic, so stuff like that makes me feel all warm inside.

But I’m questioning why I haven’t found my significant other. My cousins think i’m picky, personally I don’t think I am. I know what I want in a guy, and I think I deserve the best. And yes you might be right and say that I might not actually know what I want. But for now i’m pretty certain I know.

Don’t get me wrong, there has been a lot of potentials, but then they turn out to be jerks or we end up friend zoning each other.

I met this guy last year and I know this might sound silly, but I thought I was going to marry him. He was like perfect, so nice to me always complimented me and he literally made me smile every time I saw him. We flirted for almost a year when he finally got the balls to ask for my number. Turns out he wasn’t my Mr Right.

We stopped talking for a bit, a few months. He all of a suddens comes out of no where and starts talking to me and says all the sweet stuff again and tells me about his future plans. But this time, he was more straight forward with me with what he wanted. I have been so dry to him and yet he’s persistent in talking to me on a regular basis.

I really don’t like guys. They really do confuse me.

But looks like for now i’ll be single ready to mingle and most definitely ready for a Pringle x


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