Hi, my name’s Han and I’m a shoeaholic

For those who know me, I’m obsessed with shoes, like it’s pretty bad. Let us start from the very beginning…

When I was younger shoes weren’t really important to me, I was a kid, I pretty much ran around barefoot or in thongs, and the only other shoes I had were my school schools.

It wasn’t until my First Holy Communion, I wore this beautiful white long sleeved dress with a touch of silver and a massive bow at the back. It was amazing, when it was time to look for shoes I was so picky in what I wanted and what would go with my outfit, let’s not forget I was probably nine at the time. I ended up wearing plain white ballet style shoes with a block heel and ankle strap.

Now, I didn’t know I was obsessed with shoes then, it happened when I was in year six. One of my cousins were getting married and I thought I was old enough to buy myself a pair of heels for the special occasion. Black satin with a rose 5cm heel. I’ll never forget my first pair of heels, I still have them and I won’t throw them out because they’re my first.

Over the years I’d start buying and collecting shoes. It was harder to buy shoes because I was using mum and dads money, I didn’t have a job so I couldn’t afford shoes. But there was a time where I’d buy a pair of shoes each week for a good 2 months in a row.

I walk into every shoe store and look at shoes, compare prices and buy them at the cheapest or get them from work. Like every time I went shopping, I’d walk into every store.

You though that was bad? I started working in shoe retail. So imagine my staff discount. Working with shoes taught me a lot. I know some might think that’s silly, but now i’m very picky about what goes on my feet, what brand, what type I know what style suits me.

I worked in shoe retail for almost 4 years. I was so used to getting shoes at cost price, for example, customers would buy a pair of Tony Bianco’s (Australia’s top shoe brand) would buy a pair of leather stilettos for $150, I’d get it for about 60 bucks.

I left my job about two months ago and I have only bought one pair of shoes at full price, $160 for a pair of boots. GUYS BE PROUD, it’s been so hard for me not to walk into a shoe store and buy shoes.

But this is my love for shoes, and i’ve decided that when i become a proper journalist i’d be the most stylish because I have a different pair of shoes for each day of the year.

I think shoes can make or brake an outfit. So chose your shoes wisely. I absolutely hate Crocs – like ewwww.



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