UNSW NUTS: The Lieutenant of Inishmore

I’ve just come back from watching a good friends play, The Lieutenant of Inishmore, a black comedy play by Martin McDonagh. I haven’t seen a play in a long time, the last time was a good 2 years ago.

For a university production, it was brilliant. The set and the blood and actors all worked really well together. My only dislike was the transitions from scenes. I didn’t like the idea of the projections, but, I’d admit it was pretty creative. It would have also been more affective if they had a real cat at the very end, but the director did explain how she was seeking a cat but couldn’t get one and that the stuff toy was a last minute addition.

Watching the play brought back many memories to my acting and drama days. I had done a scene from the play for a high school performance and it was one of my best and favourite. My friend Jodie, who was my drama partner and who also starred in the NUTS production did a brilliant job, she improved her irish accent from our performance and she still had that magical touch.

Surprisingly I remembered a few of the lines and to be honest, I think the scene that Jodie and I did in high school was better than tonights (but, I am bias). It was good to see a different take on something that i’ve worked on.

I recommend reading about this play before you watch it as it gets confusing.

I’m considering to get back into acting, I miss it. It was a part of me, like even though it was a hobby, I loved it. I might do some short courses and do acting as a side job.

But overall, congratulations to the UNSW NUTS group, it was a pleasure to watch!




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