19: A year older, but not necessarily wiser

I’m 19!

We kicked off the birthday celebrations on Saturday because dad had to work late on Monday, my actual birthday. We went to Bayblu Seafood restaurant near Tom ugly’ Bridge. I love it there. We took photos before dinner near the water and it was just nice and the weather was perfect.


Our table was on the balcony and the view was spectacular. My sister and I both had a glass of wine each, while dad had a beer, mum isn’t much of a drinker. The food was amazing, we had three entrees and our seafood platter was our main.






My first present was a brand new phone which I had asked for. My old phone was terrible, turned off when it felt like it, battery life was crap and it had a lot of problems. So I asked dad to get me a new phone. Funny story at dinner, my sister was meant to tip the waiter 20 dollars but she said she “accidentally” tipped them 20 cents and only realised when we got in the car. She’s so funny. The waiters were so lovely, they all wished me a happy birthday and made me feel special.

The following day my sister and I went for a birthday brunch at All Good Things Eatery in Kingsgrove. The food was excellent, very good hangover food. I was extremely full and we didn’t even finish our food. The service was great, when I asked for a cup of hot tea because it helps me eat the waitress laughed and got it for me (haha, she must have thought I was crazy!)


Usually for my birthday my sister comes in at midnight to wish me a happy birthday, but I guess she knew I was expecting it so she didn’t do it, but instead came in when she was getting ready for work. As you may know, my dream job is to become a journalist, something you may not know is that I have a doll house and deep down I’m still 5. So my sister bought me a Barbie career doll, Journalist Barbie! BEST PRESENT EVER!

11063280_869975476398461_25759064_n 11074696_869975529731789_1212078570_n





Sadly I had to spend my birthday at Uni, but it was okay because I spent it with a good friend, we went for lunch at my aunts eatery. It was really nice and it felt like a normal day (expect for the fact my phone was going off the hook with notifications and text messages from people wishing me a happy birthday) Sadaf was the second person who got a a present! My present pretty much sum up who I am; a fashionable wanna be journalist who is still a child!


For dinner, mum took my sister and I out for sushi, dad had to work. I hadn’t had sushi in ages so I was a really nice surprise from mum!


Overall, I don’t feel older, or anymore mature, but it was a lovely birthday. I want to thank everyone for making it special, even though I wanted to keep it low key,  thank you xx


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