Throwing Back: 18th Birthday Party

Last year for my 18th birthday party I had a Maccas party! Since I’m turing 19 in a few days I’d thought I’d throw back to the “Golden Archers.”

Yes believe it, I made my friends (who were all adults at the time) wear heels and pretty dresses and looked all glamours come to my 18th birthday at McDonalds.

Just a little bit fancy

When it came to planning my birthday I wanted something different to what everyone else was doing. most of my friends had house parties and we all just got drunk. I’m the type of girl who likes to be different and stand out from the group.

The idea of a Maccas party came to me when I was going through photos of my previous birthdays, from the ages of 5 to about 9 I had a maccas party for my birthday. I wanted to celebrate my transition into the adult world by taking everyone back to the good old days, most of my friends now have been friends with me since primary school.

It was a fun filled day full of balloons, pretty colours, dancing, party games and face painting!

I had a lot of fun and I think most of my friends did too. This year I’m keeping it low key, 19 is such an ugly number, I don’t really want to celebrate it, plus if I was to have a party, I wouldn’t know who to invite. My social circle is pretty big, but I’m not sure who I’m close with.

Anyways, here’s too the last few days of being 18! x


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