2016 – 2017 Plan

So next year should technically specking should be my final year as a university student, my final year of being a student EVER (how scary is that?).

Next year I will be 20 years old and the following year when I’m no longer in UNI and have to find a job I’ll be 21.

This has been on my mind for a while, the head of the journalism department wanted us all to do a double degree because it would mean we’d stay at UNI for an extra two years in stead of studying the 3 year course, it will allow us to grow up more and for those doing a double degree with international studies give them a chance to be independent from their parents in a different country for a whole year.

I’m going to drop down to a part-time university student next year, meaning I’ll be doing my final year in two years. I believe that I’m not mentally and physically ready to enter the work force just yet. I need time to grow up and mature a bit more, also to become less dependent on my parents and my sister.

Don’t get me wrong, I think I’m much more mature than a lot of people my age, and a lot of people have said that. They say I’ve got a goal and I know what I want and I’m motivated to do things while other people are plain lazy and do nothing. I always disagree, I believe I’ve been lucky enough to know what I want, other people just need to discover what they are passionate about and what they love. A lot of people my age haven’t discovered it yet, that’s why they’re unsure about what to do, but when they do find out what they love they’ll be like me, chasing the dream.

Next year I will be doing two subjects per semester, I’m hoping to volunteer at the Universities radio station, 2SER for the first half of the year and hopefully the rest of the year. I’m also looking into contributing to the uni’s paper and magazine, this way I will be getting practice at the same time as studying.

I will also be looking for a new paid job towards the end of this year and beginning of next year, something either in retail or to do with customer service (I plan to leave my current paid job in the middle of the year, this year), I’ll have more time to work as I’ll be doing less subjects and have less time in uni. This way I can save up money to travel or to move out.

In 2016 I will also be looking to find an internship in the industry, hopefully radio at 96.9FM or television at the Nine Network.

This year (2015) I’m hoping to get an internship with the Ten Network, hopefully towards the end of the year.

In 2017 I will be doing one subject per semester, this will allow me to do a proper internship, hopefully at the ABC, and I am hoping to receive an offer towards a paid position (fingers crossed) I’ll also be working to save up money as during the semester break I plan to travel, without family, but with a friend. I’ll also aim to get back at working with the Seven Network for a short period for an internship.

During this year I’m also planning to take up screen courses as well as radio at either NIDA or AFTERS. This way I’ll be industry ready for the following year when I (hopefully) enter the work force.

So that is my plan for the next couple of years, hopefully by then I would have grown up a bit more, matured and developed more skills and experiences as well as developed a bigger Network.


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