Han: The life of a Student Journalist

I have a problem with saying no to people, and I’ve only just realised it.

I’m always keen to meet up with friends, or help out where I can, because it’s good to network, I get to meet new people and also I get experience in some ways.  I had such a crazy and busy week last week. It was none stop, from uni, to work, to internship I was like a machine.

I worked so hard that I managed to get myself sick.

I did not have time for myself at all that week. That was when I made a decision that I needed to get my shit together and I gave myself a week to decide what I wanted.

I was over worked, had very little sleep and still had a lot to do.

Here are my current commitments:

  • Sales assistant at Kingsgrove Shoe Warehouse
  • Assistant/Social Media Intern
  • Uni Student
  • Contributor to online News organisation
  • Volunteer at Mum’s Table
  • Social events
  • Family

Here is what i’ve decided

  • Drop down to one job: I was offered a paid position with my internship. It’s not fair for me to be working two jobs, I couldn’t possibly commit to both 100%. So I’ve decided to not continue working at Kingsgrove Shoe Warehouse. This is a big decision for me as I’ve worked there for almost 4 years, the people there are so nice to me and they are like family, also the shoe discount was amazing.
  • Continue with Internship: I’m going to continue with my internship for a maximum of 3 months. Don’t get me wrong, this internship has been amazing, I’ve been able to discover new places, network and meet new amazing people. But it’s not really relevant to my field.
  • Still contribute to online News organisation. Contributing stories on a regular basis has allowed me to develop as well as improve my writing skills, so i’m going to keep at it for the rest of the year.
  • Last year I was a bit slack on social events and hanging out with friends, this year I want to improve it, but limit it to 1-2 events per month, as I also want to concentrate on uni.
  • Still help out at my aunt’s restaurant for another 3-4 weeks, on Fridays. That’s it.
  • On Uni days I need to actually do that taste i’m given that day, otherwise I get lazy and not do it at all.
  • I’m also looking into contributing to ITS newspaper Vertigo and radio station 2SER, so hopefully they get back to me
  • During semester break, when I’ve dropped my paid internship I hope to have another internship at a news organisation, so fingers crossed!

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