10 Things About Han

1. I am obsessed with shoes – I currently own just under 100 pairs of shoes. I once went through a stage where I would buy a pair of shoes each week for about 2 months. What’s worse is that I work in shoe retail so that did not help my obsession
2. I don’t have a thyroid – last year (2014) I had an operation to have a total removal of my thyroid. For the past few years I’ve been really sick, I had graves disease, where my thyroid was hyper active. I would loose and gain weight really fast and was always tired.
3. I wear glasses – Well I’m suppose to wear glasses, 24/7, but I choose not to because (this may sound silly of me) I don’t think I suit wearing glasses. And maybe it’s all in my brain, but i’m pretty certain my eye sight has improved.
4. I terrified of birds – When i was younger, probably 8, I was in the front seat of the car with dad and my window was all the way down, we stopped at a roundabout and I looked out the window and started e to whistle, a bird flew in and from that day on i’ve been scared of birds.
5. I can not handle chilli – At the slightest trace of chilli my mouth explodes (pretty ironic for an asian).
6. News = mega obsession – I’m a very nosey person. I have to know what’s happen. I watch the news every night, most mornings I read the newspaper, but each day I read some form of paper, and I’m attached to my Twitter. I once watched the news from 3pm till 7pm straight.
7. I am not a fan of alcohol – When people meet me or know my personality, they all think i’m the type to drink, get drunk or go out partying every weekend. But i’m now. I don’t find an attraction to it, I don’t like the taste of it, don’t get me wrong, i’d have one social drink, but that’s it.
8. I want to be a Journalist – It’s been a dream of mine to be a Journalist since I was a little girl, now I’m a step closer.
9. I’m a family person – I’d put family before anything, some of my friends don’t understand it. I guess it’s the way we’ve been brought up, i’m very much a family person, and would chose a night in the the family than a night out with friends. I’m also the type of person to put family before career.
10. I’m EXTREMELY clumsy – I stack it on flat services. I break things very easy and I fall on stairs.


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