Han: The Waitress

Today I had my first official waitressing job, well kinda, I’m helping out my aunt and uncle with their new Vietnamese eatery in Surry Hills for the first few weeks so they can get settled.

NOTE: When I offered to help out I made myself promise not to break anything or stack it.

Before I arrived to work my aunt and cousins already had a bet going on who would break the first thing, me. So I got to work and I was there for about 5 minutes when they gave me my first task; to fill the glass water holders for the complimentary drinks. I was pouring the hot water directly into the glass water holders. CRACK. Water spilt everywhere and the glass washed off the bench. For some strange reason no one was actually surprised or upset, they all laughed at the fact they won the bet.

One of my cousins laughed and said (the translation may sound weird, it’s an asian superstition) “Don’t worry, water wash out, money falls in.” I learnt to make coffees and Vietnamese pork rolls and in particular Vietnamese ice coffee.

I had to hand out menus/flyers outside and gave out spring rolls the people passing by. I managed to get a lot of costumers coming in. My family all had a joke going on where they only hired me for my looks (mind you i’m not even that pretty) and personality. I’m the type of person who makes friends easily, but it’s very hard for me to keep them.

The initial plan was that I worked on customer service and make the pork rolls. Turns our Vietnamese ice coffee was a popular hit, and I was apparently an expert on making them. So I specialised in making them. at one stage I had to make 10 in one order. Pretty hectic.

So my waitressing skills aren’t that great, I had to bring out the food to the customers, surprisingly I didn’t spill or drop any food, but i had the problem of moving the food from the tray and giving it to the customers. One guy had to help me, he laughed, he said he understood because we had just open that day.

Overall I believe waitressing is me, I really didn’t think I’d work in the food industry.

You guys must come visit Mum’s table in Surry Hills, 457-459 Elizabeth Street!


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