Han: Shaking it off like Taylor Swift

Many people questioned my decision to choose journalism as a career, some would say stuff like, ‘there’s no jobs in that industry’ or ‘it’s a really had industry to break into, are you sure you want to do it?’ But I’ve been sure for awhile and todays journalism six hour boot camp definitely made me sure its the path I want to take.

Last year I was studying PR, my backup plan because I didn’t get the marks for journalism. Surprisingly I really enjoyed studying it and I could see myself doing it as a career. I completed an internship at a PR company half way through the year. That was when I became unsure if i actually enjoyed cleaning up after other peoples mess. I called up a contact I knew from the 7 network and asked him if it was possible for me, a PR student to come and see what it was like in a newsroom and the life of a journalist. I was given a weeks internship to shadow journalists at 7 News. By the end of the week I was sent out to cover my own story with my very own camera crew. That week gave me the boost I needed to be sure of what I wanted.

I want to be a journalist.

Being honest, my biggest fear was that the pressure of the actual course would lead me to fail my actual degree, but hearing the past and present students talk about how some didn’t do so well to begin with but are now working these amazing jobs that they love and are enjoying so much has eased me and my stress levels.

I’m pretty excited to be doing a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, majoring in Journalism at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) and can not wait to be working in this amazing industry that I’ve wanted to work in since I was a little girl. So I’m just going to ignore the haters, cause the haters going to hate, hate, hate and I’m going to shake it off like Taylor Swift!


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